The Muslim, The Jew and The Christian

An atrocity took place in France, there is no doubt. Do I agree with this atrocious act of violence, absolutely not.

Muslims, jews and christian alike were all hurt is some way, shape or form.

Lets not talk about how it took place, but rather lets talk about why it took place and should it have taken place, the answer of course is this should never have taken place. We are not in the middle east where killing and being killed is almost second nature to many of the people, but we here in the western society find it hard to watch a chicken or sheep get killed for their meat to be placed on our dinner tables. The great media however has no trouble displaying the brutal way in which a so called muslim shot, in cold blood and bright daylight, another muslim who was in the line of duty….i am of course talking about the french police officer.

There was a time when christians were being targeted by other christians, the IRA became a terror threat hell bent on killing.

Every era has its own issues and problems that need a solution, ideally one that does not wage war. Yet the way I see it, Charlie Hebdo is doing more harm than good by publishing provocative images yet again. To them its just another edition, just their job. To others it is a intentional attack on their beliefs. It takes some of the greatest courage, strength and determination to refrain from doing things, especially if you believe you have the right to do it.

We have all heard “islam is a peaceful religion” well so are all the other religions. No major religion promotes violence, full stop.

This tick for tack needs business is extremely dangerous for everyone in the long run, one argument for another, one life for countless and before you know it nobody will know what they are fighting for except it effected them and everyone is avenging something pointless.

If Islam is strong then fight back in a peaceful way. Prove Islam is what you belive it to be, a good, peaceful, compassionat, loving and friendly religion. The prophet Muhammed’s prophecy was told by a Christian priest. We will in a western society and must respect the laws of our countries.

There will always be people who oppose everything, i’m talking about the muslims who are always right, the Christians that are always right and the Jews who are always right, but everyone else is either with them or against them.

Wake up and look at what the world has become, Muhammed, Jesus and David would be looking down now on us and be speechless. We have become animals.

Its easy to swear and hate, but it takes guts and determination to live peacefully and in an intergrated society….and even animals can do that, but the smartest beings on the planet can’t – why?